Landscaping solutions

Landscaping solutions

Solutions for the gardens, terraces and landscapes

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Landscaping solutions

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Pavigarden Banda de Solape
Geotextile not knitting, formed by cut fibers of Polypropylene of high tenacity 100 %, joined mechanically by a needled and thermo- fixed process, stabilized against UV rays.

Pavigarden Green Court
PAVIGARDEN GREEN COURT is a polyurethane adhesive of two components without any modification epoxy completely free of water and solvents. Functions: Pasting of the bands of joints of sheets of artificial turf placed both inside and outside, also in the presence of residual moisture.

Paviland Caucho
Crushed rubber from recycled tire, with different sizes and colors. Used for the implementation of continuous and flexible pavement manufactured in situ.

Canto rodado
Magnesium carbonate.

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